Programming imageRobert Felten Software, LLC is a California-based firm which provides Software Development Consulting and Contracting Services for companies and individuals, providing the most comprehensive business solutions every programming and telecommunication needs.

Qt GUI Developer – Robert designed and implemented several GUI programs using Qt with C++, is teaching an introduction to Qt Container Classes at the Silicon Valley Code Camp (Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA), and was invited to participate in QTINSIGHTS discussion group in Palo Alto, CA. Robert works with customers,  managers, fellow software developers and other interested parties to develop a user interface that is easy to use, intuitive, and thoroughly tested. (When the initial design of a Solid State Hard Drive Manager was presented to IDT internal customers, the comment was “Wow, Intel has nothing like this!”)

C++ / Objected Oriented expert – Robert has designed and implemented many programs using object-oriented methodology and design patterns, and also taught advanced C++ courses at both Applied Signal Technology in Sunnyvale and Raytheon Learning Center in El Segundo. He also co-authored C++ coding standards now in use at Raytheon nationally, and lectures on C++ coding standards at the Association of C/C++ Users workshops in Mountain View. He delivers robust software, meeting requirements on schedule and budget, with an automated unit test suite.

Telecommunications – Robert has designed software that communicates over TCP/IP and UDP sockets providing services for signal routing, grooming, and other applications.

Real-time embedded programming – Robert has developed C and C++ software to run in embedded systems at Applied Signal Technology and Raytheon, where he developed software that is now the standard for steering electronically scanned antennas. He is great at simulating hardware interfaces so the software can be developed and tested when the availability of test equipment and labs is limited, or not even built yet. He finds ways to use his software to increase visibility into systems not originally envisioned by the hardware designers.

Signal Processing and Imaging – Robert worked with analysts using signal processing, FFT’s, and other algorithms to produce radar tracking, target detection, image generation, and radar calibration.


C++ programmer - C++
- Flash
- Action Script
- Ada
- Matlab
- Java

Operating System

OS experience- Linux
- Windows
- .NET
- VxWorks
- Unix


Qt button - Qt
- Google Protocol Buffers
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